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"A Few Minutes of Inter-department Meeting Time Will Prevent Hours and Days of Destructive Mistakes."

Most financial communications are done in the language of figures.
Figures don't lie and have no interferences from past experience and current environment!  Communicating with figures is the easiest way -- it's black and white.  It has its own contextual element.

But when it comes to the people who work with these figures through meetings and discussions and personal relationships, even though all of the elements of the communication process apply in the same way, communication is not as straight forward outside of the figures quoted.

In other words, if I say the bottom line figure is $953.00, that figure cannot mean anything else. However, the person delivering that figure might have meant bottom line before tax but did not mention this and everyone listening in the meeting "thought" it meant bottom line after tax.  This would be a big communication problem. The figure is not wrong, but the place on the operating statement is mis-communicated.

The contextual part of communication is the same as in all other departments: to recognize the surroundings of every word spoken or financial figures quoted in order to avoid communication disasters.

The other challenge in a financial department is the communication to and from other departments. Often, outside department representatives do not understand why accounting "nags" them about precise numbers and reports, which need to be crunched daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. 

Hold regular inter-department meetings to discuss both sides of these communication needs, so that every one is aware of the vulnerabilities. Train people through examples. This will help eliminate many misunderstandings.  Truly, a few minutes of meeting time will prevent hours and days of destructive mistakes.

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Tip article for today

Here's the Tip Article for today:

Keep Your Eyes Open and Respond...

Have you experienced in a seminar crowd or meeting, where people linger around after the event and talk to one another about different issues that were covered during the presentations...

Someone in the audience might have said something to the speaker in a question and answer period and, afterward, you sought to get more information from that person.

Here's what happens:

You approach the participant who shared, but someone else is already talking with him or her. Politely you wait and try to attract attention but there is no response.  You approach a little further to try and catch his attention but he and his party are so engaged in their conversation that he ignores you completely.

Look, I've been in that situation many times and it is very frustrating -- especially if you are a busy person and just want to ask a quick question -- not talk all night !

Don't be one of those ignoramus.  When you have someone talking with you and another approaches to say something, immediately turn to that person seeking you and acknowledge him/her right away. Don't let them stand there. Let them in.

Your reply will just extend the discussion further to the interest of the group.

That's what these events are all about.  People getting together to discuss matters of interest.

Whether you are the speaker of the presentation or a participant from the audience who contributed to the event, just make sure to keep your eyes open and be ready to acknowledge the presence of another person seeking to speak to you.

Till next time, have a great and wonderfully successful week,