Communication Break Downs

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Communication Break Downs

1) Most communication breakdowns happen because of misunderstandings. 

2) And misunderstandings happen when communication is out of context. 

Being aware of the Contextual part of communication is the responsibility to think before sending or receiving.  It means to always bring into the picture the recognition of the immediate surrounding of a given issue or matter being communicated.

When faced with a communication breakdown, the question for us to always ask is this: 

"What is the context of the communication situation I am now in?" 

As in a book where the text is the actual group of words being read, the context is the surrounding information, the details, the story, the places, the characters, etc.

So, where is the conversation within the context of the issue? Is the problem happening  at the sender's end of the communication or at the receiver's end? Where is the misunderstanding? Then focus your communication recovery there.

Communication is never independent of context.


First, listen well before you speak.  If you feel yourself getting upset during a difficult situation, take a deep breath, count to 10 or 20 if you have to -- slowly -- before responding. Think about the context of the situation, which should reveal what or where the problem taking place is. Stick to the problem, don't wander off into another issue.

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